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We want to welcome you to our website and what we believe will be both a revolution learning and healing experience. God wants to heal us spiritually, emotionally and physically. The wealth of content on the site will talk about many things, but two in particular: That many physical problems resist healing because of emotional woundedness in the sole area; and especially what the simple, clear the Biblical process is for healing soul woundedness – how and where it originates, affects and limits us and our loving Father’s healing process to set us free where we are brokenhearted and/or still active (Luke 4:18 – 19). Jesus came to do both and to give (us) sight, where we are still blind so we can be set free to become more like Him! “And you shall know the truth and it shall set you free.”(John 8:32)


Healing Where You Hurt…on the Inside is within 33 books of being out of print and there is No Funding for Reprinting!!  This book has touched and changed well in excess of 100,000 people since first published in 1981.  It has reached throughout this nation and into at least 40 countries. It is in countless jails and prisons and orders have come from as far away as prisons in South Africa.  (Many stories could be told of the miracle letters we’ve received!)  Men and women, doctors, lawyers, college professors, psychologists & psychiatrists, stay at home moms, business men & women, truck drivers, plumbers, the hurting, hopeless and brokenhearted, have all been touched by this book!

We need several thousands of dollars to reprintWill you help us continue reaching out and changing lives for Jesus Christ through Healing Where Your Hurt…on the Inside?

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